New from the director of Anima Mundi, Surviving Earth

Anima Mundi is a movie style documentary about peak oil and climate change highlighting permaculture as a practical solution and the Gaia theory as a philosophical evolution deepening our connection with earth.

David Holmgren – co-founder of Permaculture
John Seed OAM – Deep Ecology
Stephan Harding – Gaian Ecology
Vandana Shiva – Human Rights
Michael C Ruppert – Peak Oil (as seen in the movie Collapse)
Michael Reynolds – Earthships (as seen in the movie Garbage Warrior)
Noam Chomsky – Activism
Dr Mark O’Meadhra – Integrative Medicine
Dr Christine James – Psychology
Permablitz – Permaculture

- Full High Definition

- Length: 78 minute (or 56 minute TV edit)

Trailer for the sequel United Natures

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